Jason Monn

A Common Guy With Common Sense

About Me

My life has been like most of yours…I was born to a single mother in Jamestown, NY in 1979…I spent the next 10 years of my life in New York until moving to Pennsylvania in 1989…In 1994 my mom decided to move to my current City of Corry…I have been here ever since…In 1997 I graduated from Corry Area High School and my plan was to become a teacher…so like most of you I went to college, for 1 semester, and then due to some family issues left school and started my life as a working man.

Hot Off The Press

This Is Me

Whether you refer to me as Jason Monn, Fat Monn or now Common Monn, one thing is clear, I am still me…A guy who wears shorts and a t-shirt for a living…A bald fat guy who everyday tries to do his best for his family, business, community and for himself…I am definitely not
perfect…But I do strive to be the best man I can be…We all know that there are numerous important causes that exist…here are just a few that I believe in…

Judicial reform